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I decided to take up Scuba diving. Mostly because I was bored of being stuck in the house with my Patient and it was a hobby that my Partner had no interest in, so I didn't feel guilty doing it without him.

I did the PADI Open Water Course with Go Dive, who were amazing. I went diving with them in 2010, and they haven't put the prices up since!

The course was surprisingly difficult- as in there was more reading and DVD-watching to do than I expected! It prepares you better for diving than I expected, too.

I did the confined water dives at Lonsdale in Mickleover, which isn't a very good pool for Scuba- but it was the only pool in Derby at the time due to the folly of Derby City Council.

And the open water dives at Stoney Cove. It was chilly, despite the dry suit- though it was 16 degrees- which is about as warm as British water gets! Visibility was poor- it is a quarry in Leicester after all! The dive was amazing, we went down to 14m and saw crayfish, pike and roach.

Here we are having passed our first qualifications!

I'm not sure where I am going to go from here, everyone else on the course was off on foreign jaunts- but the Patient means I can't leave the country quite yet.