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Tropical scuba


Everyone on my scuba course was going somewhere exotic- Cancun, Cuba, Tenerife... I thought I'd try and outdo them by seeing more fish and wildlife on my scuba diving in the UK- by going to Skegness Aquarium!

Water was a toasty 26 degrees C, and we saw a zebra shark, black tipped reef sharks and loads of fish!

Maximum depth is only 4m, and you have to be massively overweighted and walk carefully round on the bottom- you don't want to scare the fish when they have nowhere to go!

I highly recommend!

Garden in full swing


This year I feel I have ran out of space in the garden, and I start making plans to add in more layers and more beds- then I remember that over two thirds of my growing space is currently out of action! And that it will all be fixed by next year!

The greenhouse bursting at the seams, tomatoes are doing alright and the cucamelons have taken off. My lemon tree is loving greenhouse conditions, and I'll be self sufficient in chillis this year.

Mini apples! I hope for my first fruit from the trees this year!

The wall of japanese wineberries really does resemble a wall, and I hope to have a lot of fruit.

The raspberries are trying to take over the world. They're so big and heavy that the wooden stakes holding them up have broken.. hence their disarray. We are getting sufficient raspberries, and have very well fed blackbirds.

Boston squash and pumpkins growing in an active compost bin.

Fruit tree guilds looking beautiful. Not massively productive.. but the trees are a bit young yet. Harvesting plenty of biomass and herbs.

The building site.. this will one day be a larger greenhouse.