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Having set up a WildlifePi Camera in the garden (instructions to come!), I can now view the hedgehogs without trapping them in poultry netting (though that was accidental!).

We have a fox, but he doesn't bother about the chickens

We have hedghogs!

And squirrels

And blackbirds, robins, wrens, collared doves and pigeons.

And cats, this is the new caterwauly cat that has turned up.

And my cat too!

And, err... a rat.

Haven't found out where he is living (all compost heaps seem rat free), have evicted him from getting into the chicken run and eating their food though. Rats are very persistent- the 13mm mesh for the chicken run goes down 30cm underground and has lots of subterranean bricks and cement blocks- he's excavated a massive amount of area to find a tiny gap between two bricks under the mesh, and dug up again- to find slabs, more excavation to actually get a burrow into the chicken run! All has now been filled with steel wool and concrete- sorry rat!

A study of funghi


With the massive change in weather we have recently had here- from balmy summer to more realistic October temperatures in the space of a weekend, accompanied by inches of rain- the fungi have all come out.

I can’t identify any of them, but they are beautiful.



They're still adorable, if someone larger now.

Diefenbaker took on the irritating Jack Russel next door, Cat 1, Dog 0. Poor kitten was covered in blood- but his wasn't his. Dog should learn not to take on creatures larger than himself. The yappy git.