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Funghi, cont.


So I was lamenting how rubbish I was at growing mushrooms, and claiming I would try one final time. Well, an update on how this is going:

- Shitaki logs are still there. They sit on a pallet off the ground, under the canopy of a tree in the shade, and I soak them in a bucket every fortnight or so. The logs still seem really dry, but then I don't really know what I am looking for!

- Wine cap patch- certainly under the straw (which all sprouted, oops!) the mycelium is growing strongly! So I have high hopes for mushrooms eventually.

- Oyster mushrooms- abandoned in their myco bags to the corner of the spare bedroom, but the mycelium had been growing.

Just yesterday I was trying to count how many weeks they'd been there, and if I should move onto the next step (which is opening up the bags to allow airflow and putting them in the light to encourage fruiting). To realise they'd started without me.

554g of oyster mushrooms! And that's only two bags out of the seven, and there's much more in the fruited bags yet! I'm leaving the bags indoors, if only because the greenhouse is jam-packed at the moment and I have nowhere else outside to protect them from critters right now.