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This is the year of the Allotment, honest


We've had an allotment for a few years, and despite much effort going into it- it always looks a mess and has never produced much. But this year I shall put enough effort in! Honest!

So it was a bit covered in weeds. In the 'forest garden' section of the allotment, with many fruit trees, I put down a thick layer of cardboard.

And 3 inches of woodchip

To try and keep the weeds at bay.

The other half of the allotment was meant to be for annual beds.

Also covered in weeds. I did plant some potatoes and onions here last year, but never saw them again.

After a lot of digging beds were formed!

Didn't dig out all the weeds, so most of the beds were covered in black plastic for now.

It looks beautiful now, even if there are some massive weedy bits just covered in carpet because I haven't sorted them out yet... Can I keep it like this?